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Dept of Electrical Engineering Courses


Sustainable Energy and Power Systems (Dr. Jin Wang, Dr. Longya Xu, Dr. Don Kasten)

Study of major components and steady state operation of electric power systems; network concepts, symmetrical components, asymmetrical systems, power flow, fault analysis and system stability.

Power Electronics Circuits and Their Applications in Power Systems (Dr. Jin Wang)

The course will provide an introduction to power electronic conversion principles. Analytical techniques will be developed through the study of widely used converter circuits.

·Ac Machines: Energy Generation and Conservation (Dr. Longya Xu)

Principles of electromechanical energy conversion; basic structures of electric machines; steady state models and performance analysis; Advanced topics on AC machine control.

·High Voltage Engineering and Laboratory (Dr. Jin Wang)

Dielectric strength and breakdown of gases, liquids, and solids, electric field design problems in power system equipment; laboratory study of high voltage insulation Solid state materials and devices for energy

·Modeling and Multi-Agent Control Of Electric Energy Systems (Dr. Mahesh Illindala)

Fundamental concepts and approaches in multi-agent systems for next generation power systems, with focus on the operation and control of microgrids.

Optimization and Control for Renewable Energy Systems (Dr. Passino, Dr. Serrani)

This course provides students with control and optimization methods for the smart grid. Students are exposed to a range of linear and nonlinear control and optimization methods, and will be expected to use Matlab for control design and optimization problem solution.

Power Markets (Dr. Mahesh Illindala)

A practical introduction to the power market design including market fundamentals, market architecture and locational pricing. 

Communication in Power Systems (Dr. Ekici)

Principles and design approaches of communication systems and networks for next generation power systems, with a focus on theoretical and practical aspects.