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CHPPE List of Equipment

Company Model Number Description
                                                 DC/DC - High Voltage - Low Current
Magnapower TSA800-30/208 800 V (30 A) - 208/3Φ, Front Panel, Isolated 37-pin I/O
Magnapower TSA1500-16.5/210 1500 V (16.5 A) - 208/3Φ, Front Panel, Isolated 37-pin I/O
                                                       DC/DC - Low Voltage - High Current
                                                                   AC - Dr. Illindala
California Instruments MX30-3PI-480-LAN AMETEK Programmable Power, California Instruments, MX-30 Programmable AC & DC Power Source, 30 kVA 1/3 phase dual Vrange, MODE, GPIB, RS232, USB, LAN
DC Loads
NHR 4760-12 Model 4760-12 : 600 VDC 12 kW
One (1) Master Module  & One (1) Auxiliary Module (P/N: 1109181 & 1109173),
35" cabinet, Windows GUI, Labview Drivers, LAN Interface, Analog Mode


(1) 4912 Modules: 120 VDC
12 kW discharge / 7 kW recharge
Cabinet (65"x30"x30"), Labview Drivers, LAN Interface
AC Load
  9/3/4600 9 kW - Series Programmable AC Electronic Loads
  5011E-3Y 240v 3-Phase Variac 24.2kVA
  6020E-3Y 480v 3-Phase Variac 29.1kVA
  6020E-9Y 480v 3-Phase Variac 87.2kVA
Thermal Chambers
Cincinnati Sub Zero MCBH-1.2-.33-.33-H/AC Microclimate CSZ  (-73 °C to 190 °C)  120 VAC
1.2 Cubic Feet
Cincinnati Sub Zero ZPH-32-3.5-SCT/AC 32 ft3 Temp and Humidity (-45°C  to 190°C)
(2) 4" Access Port
    Software - CSZ EZ-View
                                                                Thermal Inducing System
  TP04310A-8C44-4 Temptronic - Thermal Solutions (-75 C to 225 C), 200-214 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 Amps Single Phase
                                                                       Thermal Camera
FLIR A325sc #48001-1001
    ExaminIR to ExaminIR PRO Upgrade
Thermo/ Neslab TF100 10 kW - Chiller
                                                           Digital Scopes & Accessories
Tektronix MSO5204 2GHz - Tek (w/ Digital)
  TPP0850 800 MHz, 2.5 kVp-p, 50x, 40 MΩ / 1.5 pF
  TCP0030 120 MHz 30 A AC/DC Current Probe
  TCP0150 20 MHz, 150 A AC/DC Current Probe
  DPO4054B Oscilloscope - 500 MHz
  TPS2024B Oscilloscope - 200 Mhz Isolated
  THDP0200 200 MHz Diff. Voltage Pr
                                                               Impedence Analyzer
Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer (& misc associated)
  X4M25E PSCAD - 25 Users - Network (Educational)
  FTRNE Intel Visual FORTRAN
                                                                   Spectrum Analyzer
  RSV3 R&S FSV3 Signal Analyzer 9kHz to 3.6GHz
Tektronics MDO4104-3 MDO (1 GHz scope/ 3GHZ Spectrum)
  Schwarzbeck NNBM 8126A 70 (continuous) or 100A (short), 500V DC (w/calibration)
                                                                         Curve Tracer
Agilent B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer
Agilent B1510A-FG High Power Source/ Monitor
Agilent B1512A-FG High Current Source Monitor Unit
Agilent B1513A-FG High Voltage Source Monitor Unit
Agilent B1520A-FG Multi-Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit
                                                                Test Fixture and Cabling
Agilent N1259A-001 Test Fixture for Power Device
                                                                  Dynomometer Stand
Avtron   Dyno Set 150kW / 30,000rpm
                                                                  Hybrid HIL platforms