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High Voltage and Power Electronics

Research in the power electronics area is aimed at integrating renewable energy and electrification of transportation. The combined research of high voltage and power electronics is geared towards large scale, megawatt implementation of renewable energy sources and energy storage devices.

The High Voltage and Power Electronics Laboratory consists of a 3600 sq. ft. main high voltage facility and two satellite power electronics laboratories. The high voltage lab is the only one of its kind among the universities in the Midwest. Its operations are strongly supported and heavily utilized by electric power related industries. The power electronics facilities are unique to the universities in State of Ohio and belong to only handful of power electronics labs in the United States that deal with high power applications.

Related Faculty Member: Prof. Jin Wang


Graduate Students: 

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Luis Herrera
Feng Guo
Lixing Fu
Mark Scott
Xuan Zhang
Cong Li
Xiu Yao