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Research Areas


Faculty: 5

Visiting Scholars: 5

PhD Students: 18

MS Students 22

Research Expenditures: $2.0 million/year       

Up-to-Date Facilities

  • High Performance Power Electronics Lab a multi-million dollar center geared towards advanced power electronics circuits and devices;   
  • High Voltage Laboratory a 3600 square feet facility that hosts the biggest  arcs and sparks in the U.S. universities;
  • Distributed Real Time Simulation Platform a DoE sponsored real time simulation platform for both the electrical and communication systems within a smart grid, featured in the New York Times on Dec. 30 2010.  


  • Device Testing and Simulation

Center for High Performance Power Electronics a 6M dollar center geared towards wide band gap based power devices and circuits; 

  • Circuit Design and Control

Advanced circuit design and control for the integration of renewable energy resources. 

  • Circuit and System Integration

Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Plant

  1.  Battery integrated smart PV module/string
  2.  Utilization of wide band gap devices, such as SiC
  3.   Switched capacitor based high frequency dc/ac
  4.   Direct tie with distribution system
  5.   A scale down prototype will be built


  • System Level Real Time Simulation

 Renewable energy assisted charging facility for EV/HEV