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Highlights 2015


Research Topics

1. Power Devices and Passive Components

  • Dielectric/III-Nitride Based Transistors
  • Ultra Wide Gap AlGaN Channel HEMTs
  • SuperCap
  • Ideal Ohmic Contact Achieved with Ultra Low Resistrance on AlGaN/GaN Substrates (Frequency response upto 134 GHz)

2. Devices Characterization and Applications

  • GaN Power Transistor Evaluation
  • 65 W GaN HEMT Based Power Adapter
  • Gate Drive for 15 kV SiC MOSFET
  • WBG Semiconductor Based galvanic Isolation
  • Comparison between GaN Based DC/DC Converters
  • Multiport, Multilevel, Single Phase DC/AC Converter
  • Common-mode Noise Comparison Study for Lateral Wire-bonded and Vertically Integrated Power Modules
  • Electromagnetic Noise Coupling and Mitigation in Dynamic Tests of High Power Switching Devices
  • Electromagnetic Noise Coupling and Mitigation for Fast Response On-die Temperature Sensing in High Power Modules
  • Simple IGBT and Diode Models for Wide Operation Conditions
  • High Temperature Gate Driver and Thress Phase Inverter
  • Appliction of Wireless Power Transfer for High Voltage Gate Drive
  • Design of a Silicon-WBG Hybrid Switch
  • An Optimized Gate-loop Layout for Multi-chip SiC MOSFET Power Modules
  • A Double-end Sourced Multichip Improved Wire-bonded SiC MOSFET Power Module Design
  • Development of Software to Design Passive Filters for EMI Suppression in DC Fed Motor Drives

3. Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources

  • CERTS/AEP Microgrid - Modeling
  • Industrial Microgrid - ESS Impact Study
  • Flexible Distribution of Energy and Storage Resources (FDERS)
  • Distributed Energy Resource Planning in the United States
  • Design and Development of a Reconfigurable Hybrid Microgrid Testbed
  • Life Test Design for Retired xEV Batteries

For the full research highlights file download: Click Here.